The Author

Bruce Miller

Bruce Miller is writer of diverse topics, ranging from national stories on naturopathic medicine to new projection techniques to do-it-yourself e-books and e-articles on fun technology projects.

More recently he has taken on clients who need coaching and editorial direction on "content marketing".

In addition to the editorial work, he's a MySQL programmer as well as an amateur radio operator.

He likes to think in terms of systems and in that vein has set up his own private Internet audio distribution system from satellite receiving stations he installed himself.

Feeding his passion for the Internet, he maintains his own home network of four multi-computer, multi-monitor work stations and 50+ devices connected to the Internet through a 1-gigabit fiber connection to the Internet. Devices are connection to Internet through a home network that includes 1200 feet of ethernet cable he pulled himself and several access points, routers, and switches he configured himself.

Another of his passions is cleaning up spoken word recordings through his site