Working from Anywhere: Tips and Tricks from the beach and elsewhere

Want to work from anywhere? Then pick up some tips and tricks from a veteran remote worker of 20+ years. A serious MobileWriter and worker must learn techniques that go far beyond the coffee shop and connecting to free WiFi — especially if you are going to venture away from the urban areas. I’ve worked on the Pacific beach and on Mt. Rainier — with Internet access. I’ve worked from a moving train with Internet even before Amtrak supplied WiFi. I’ve been a passenger in a car on the Interstate working and responding to emails. I was in my undershorts at a State Park trouble shooting a website problem. Of course, there have been airplanes, airports, taxis, buses, and car services as work locations — all with an Internet connection. And even Seattle’s Space Needle observation deck and Washington State ferries. This list may be kind of “so what” in this day and age of smart phones and tablets. However, if you really, really want to be out and about, you need to think beyond the casual use of portable devices. Being a MobileWriter and worker comes down to two basic concepts: flexibility and dependability.

Flexibility allows you to work nearly anywhere and supports dependability. Dependability in turn keeps customers happy, which in turn feeds flexibility.

In the digital world, dependability must include your data. I’ve had ZERO DATA LOSS since January 2001. If you are going to be reliable, you must concern yourself with hardware and data backup and with data retrieval.

I’ve been messing around with computers and associated technology for 25+ years. I was doing wireless Internet before WiFi and cell phones. During these years I’ve acquired many tips and tricks for mobile work. You may not want to use all my ideas. I am certain, however, that many of my ideas and practices will spark your own innovations.

A full Table of Contents is available at MobileWriter.com/toc

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